Change the way your curtains hang – No-Sew Tutorial

DSCN0712DSCN0714I don’t know about you but, I don’t like the bunched up look for my curtains. In fact, I hate it, I think it looks kinda messy and hangs weird. So whenever I get curtains that are like that- here’s what I do with them:

I buy some ribbon – I use 1 inch white ribbon and I like ribbed ribbon best

and Heat n bond



I then cut my ribbon and heatnbond – you want the heatnbond to be the same length as the rod pocket and then the ribbon about an inch longer then thatDSCN0720

You then want to figure out your placement – you want about 6-7 of them – I did six, but probably should have done seven. You need one of the very end of each side of the curtain. Then you can arrange the rest equal distance between each in between the ends. Lay the heatnbond strip on the curtain and then the ribbon on top of thatDSCN0721

So next, you want to fold the piece of ribbon like this – this will insure equal weight distribution and secure a lot of surface of the ribbon to the curtain


You want the longer side on top and the shorter side touching the curtain/heatnbond – then iron for about 20-25 seconds

DSCN0728 DSCN0729DSCN0730

So now you have a pocket for the curtain rod – continue this same method for the rest of this curtain and then repeat the whole process over for the second curtain panel.

Let rest for about 30 mins to let it completely bond – then hang your beautiful, neat curtains!

DSCN0737I’ll probably get sick of this look at some point, but for now – its my go to look!

Enjoy, and hopefully this made sense!

Note: You can also sew with a very similar method.

You completely skip the heatnbond. You cut the ribbon to a little over the length of the rod pocket on your curtain. Place the  ribbon on the curtain then sew along the top and the bottom

DSCN0733_2Hope that helps!





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Big Kids Grilled Cheese (the BEST ever)

My friends, this is the BEST grilled cheese in the entire world. I have been making way too much of it, and I still want more! That could be a bad thing, but I’m just gonna act like its good for me.

Its simple, so you should give it a try.

Sourdough bread

Cheddar Cheese



*I buy a loaf of sourdough from the bakery in the grocery store. So its a little more fresh then  buying it in the bread aisle

Amounts depends on you;

I used about 1 cup of shredded cheese, a little over a quarter an avocado, 2 slices of bacon, and 2 slices of sourdough per sandwich.

Big Kids Grilled Cheese - 01


Slice up some sourdough and avocado. Shred up some cheese, or buy it shredded. And Fry up some bacon.

Big Kids Grilled Cheese - 03

Big Kids Grilled Cheese - 02

Butter that bread, and stick it in the frying pan. Pile on those yummy, fattening, delicious, nutritious toppings.Big Kids Grilled Cheese - 04 Big Kids Grilled Cheese - 05 Big Kids Grilled Cheese - 06

Add a little more cheese on top of the toppings to help the bread “stick”.Big Kids Grilled Cheese - 07 Big Kids Grilled Cheese - 08 Slice her up, and dig in. The mister likes bacon, I could take it or leave it. Its just as good both ways to me!Big Kids Grilled Cheese - 09Enjoy!

Give it a try, I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. (:

Recipe inspiration: Six Sisters Stuff


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The 4th at our house

Here’s a few pictures from our little 4th 6th of July party, thanks to our friend Kristin.

It was nice, we just had a few friends over for some good eats and some volleyball. My husband may or may not have done a few fireworks as well.









It was fun getting to use some of the things from my 4th of July pinterest board!




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